Recipe for Organic Paint~

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Recipe for Organic Paint~ Empty Recipe for Organic Paint~

Post  TOvA~ on Mon Feb 28, 2011 11:38 pm

Found this one during my travels... (Thanks Jah @ LOP)!!!

Okay this is a bit weird, found it on accident and had to add it…sour milk, hydrated lime and pigment of earth…. Lime and Sour Milk must neutralize eachother…use litmus paper to get this if possible…red more lime, blue more sour, till balanced……..Take pigment of eart….Earth color…clay, rock, dirt whatever color in earth you can find.....ex dirt color, or red clay…take medium..(dirt, clay) put in pot and boil repeatedly, each time in new water several times over..when done strain, and lay out sediment to dry in warm place…pulverize as finely as you can and store….can add this pigment dust to sour lime mix….there were pigment traders back in the day who would do this with various earth pigments and get them ready for trade or sell to others…specializing in making color pigment dust for folks who wanted something besides white, or off white to yellowish paint…lol

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