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Post  TOvA~ on Thu Jan 13, 2011 5:49 pm

I swear I had a dream I could not remember, except for the word: Tetragrammaton, written on a huge white card.

There was a sense of urgency that I should remember this word.
It was years ago, and back them I could only find it linked to YHWH... which was not so pleasing to me at the time...

However, I am willing to rediscover it's meaning in more depth.
Here is what I am finding online with links to original sources:


The sacred name of God. In Hebrew "four-letter word" or symbol meaning yod-ye-vau-he (YHWH) and signifying Yahweh. It is pronounced in Hebrew as "Adomai," and written generally as JHYH with variations
of JHVH or YHVH. In English it became Jehovah.

This has often been confused with God introduction of Himself to Moses, "I Am That I Am." (Exodus 3:14) This particular introduction was derived from the god Ab-braham or Father Braham who introduced himself in
Sanskrit 'Tat Sat'--"I Am That that Is."

The root YHWH is radical of HWH, he-vau-he, meaning "being" or "life" or "woman" which were interchangeable concepts in the ancient Middle East. These identical letters in Latin are E-V-E:
Eve. So the central or inner meaning of the Tetragrammaton is Eve, the Mother
of All Living.

In the Gnostic Gospels this concept also is conveyed. The Wisdom of God, or the Divine Spirit and Mother, is believed the real creator of the world. Allegedly her son, who was called
the demiurge, stold his power from his mother and with it created the world.
The early Gnostics believed the demiurge was the God which the orthodox
Christians adored and not the true God or Supreme Being which they symbolized
as Iao.

Who or what is Metatron? Archangel? Metaphysical Concept? Alien? Ancient Astronaut? Divine Being? What is the meaning of Metatron's cube (sacred geometry?) and what is the contribution/significance/purpose.

[link to www.crystalinks.com]

[link to www.sangraal.com]

[link to www.angel-guide.com]

[link to www.newworldencyclopedia.org]

[link to www.spiritmythos.org]


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