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Post  TOvA~ on Sun Mar 20, 2011 11:16 am

Okay, first you need to understand the underlying theme of most of the illuminati:

They manipulate us so that they can survive the cyclic catastrophes of the Earth.

so while the compass and square of the masons supposedly mimic to the Orion nebula, and ultimately points to the star above the washington monument on September 19, the same star that rises at a different latitude and longitude on Christmas eve above the obelisk at Saint Peter's square...

They call the star ra, but like sirius, ra is a binary star. They do this to show that Earth is also a binary star and that the real sirius is our star's binary partner.

This leads to why they put the lady with the scales on all their masonic buildings. It stands for Libra, the zodiac sign, or more importantly, the month of October.

Libra's zodiac sign came from Maat's sign, an egyptian god/angel of death. When our binary star comes close to our star, sometimes, not always, but sometimes, one of its far flung planets actually comes in and disturbs our planets.

The masons were told that aliens would come and save them, so they make arched domes on their buildings that represent alien craft landing on pyramids. I know, sounds crazy, but they believe it. They believe that these aliens come from somewhere in the Orion Nebula, so the G is supposedly a representation of the path way into the king's chamber in the pyramid, but in truth, it is the screw-tail path through the nebula cloud to the alien home world.

Well, according to them, it is.

Okay, so the eye stands for many things, the eye above the pyramid.

One, space ship, over seer, dictator, illuminati

two, clairvoyance, seeing into the future, psychic, magic, mathematical probabilities computer program,

three, all seeing eye, God's eye, angels of god

four, mockery of all that is good, suppressor of the human species

five, stay informed, you stay in control, spies, infiltrators,

six, keep an eye on the stars, be vigilant, eye of the owl, night owl, astronomer, telescopic lens

I'm sure I've missed one.

As for what it all means, well, comet elenin is short for eleven and nine, nine eleven, but between these two is the number 10, which just happens to be october, libra.., which is when the comet is supposed to be its nearest to Earth.

So, you connect the dots..

This year they will go into their bunkers and leave us all to die.

However, before they go into their bunkers,they need to reduce the population so that when they come back out, they won't have to compete with us for resources and they won't have to fight us, since the survivors will know what they did.

This takes us to the Colorado Airport and its murals and time capsule. The time capsule says open on 2094, which is 83 years from now, 8+3 is 11.

Anyway, there are suitcases in the airport with gremlins or gargoyles in them. There is ag au on the wall which doesn't stand for metals but for a virus, a deadly one.

So guess what is hiding in that time capsule?

Now, you may ask, why would they do that?

Because, if people can read english and have the patience to wait until 2094 to open that time capsule after surviving the calamities to shortly come, then they will be a well educated threat to the illuminati when they re-emerge and try to start the whole evil process over again. So they left a trap for us in that airport.

they also like to set up society to be as chaotic as possible before they leave. If you've noticed, anarchy is quite the rage these days, even though anarchy is the quickest way to a dictatorship. The bigger and stronger in an anarchy will always take control of the weaker, always. so it's a sham.

Also, the illuminati have penned a new bible to be used in the next phase of their parasitical gorging, called the Kolbrin. Isn't that nice of them?

Before they leave, they will also get rid of most books and start recycling programs to get rid of metals that are easy to forge, aluminum, tin, copper, and silver and gold, and then they will do something even more heinous, they will nuke most of the cities with short term radioactive neutron bombs.

The nuking should start a day before Nibiru/elenin reaches its closest point to earth, then the illuminati will let the earth become ashes, and like their favorite fable and icon, the phoenix, they will rise out of the ashes in about a hundred years.

As to the square and compass of the masonic logo, it too has a double meaning, and a scientific one.

First, Alpha and omega, Alpha, A, the triangle, the pyramid, and the O above it, Omega, the sign for the space ships landing on the pyramids, however, it is much more meaningful than this...

Alpha and Omega are both symbols that the Earth's magnetic field makes when undergoing extreme stress. It has been making those signs lately. This makes the G in the middle the planet Earth, or Gaea, or Gaia.

I hope this enlightens a few people. I look forward to raising up a new civilization in the aftermath of the disaster that is coming to us all. And rest assured, I will educate many, many people and when we can, we shall destroy all that went into the bunkers. You have my word on that.

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