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Reading for Kareem, lol Empty Reading for Kareem, lol

Post  TOvA~ on Tue Feb 22, 2011 7:55 pm

Hanged Man.
An oddly upbeat card! ha ha ha
Welcome to limbo land my lady...
This card is about the suspension of judgment and/or patience. Postponing plans until more information is obtained. Let those nagging questions hang in the wind for awhile and take it easy. You can think of it as a forced season of rest! ha ha ha
OR... it can indicate getting out of the noose and getting on with things you have been putting off, you know... unpleasant changes for the better?
It can also mean, you need to turn yourself "upside down" to effect change by following your own beliefs even if you are odd man out. Others have a tendency to see you hanging there, and think because they are "right side up" they are correct... which simply is not the case... especially regarding spiritual matters.
Does that makes sense?
Only you can know what message is in the card for you. Do you hang out and enjoy the calm before the storm of change, or do you use the rope to swing out and meet that long over due brass ring?

Reading for Kareem, lol 49218

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