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Wishing Moons for 2011 Empty Wishing Moons for 2011

Post  TOvA~ on Tue Feb 08, 2011 2:10 pm

There are 8 wishing moons in a calendar year. It is a good time to be making lists of wishes, hopes, and aspirations, which over time will manifest.

Write out your wish list, word it incredibly carefully for the greater good, never at anyone else's expense..

Add a single drop of sandalwood oil to the paper (jasmine or willow will do too)

You can either put the list inside your Book of Shadows, or wrap the list around a moonstone and bury it until the next full moon. If you don't have a garden you can bury it in a planter, flower pot or window box - burying in earth is best if you can. If you don't have a place to bury it, any other sacred place you keep things - some people have special boxes or altars or jars. Any of these will do as long as it is a sacred and special place to you.

As you place the list and stone you should say a few words to seal your intent for the things you wish for to manifest. You could write this beforehand and read it out, however you word your intent just make it unique to you. Make sure you take the previous wishes from the special place at the next full moon before repeating this at the next Wishing moon, especially if they have come true!

I've had good fortune with mine so hope this works for you all too!

Wishing Moon Dates:


19th January

18th February
18th April
17th May
15th July
13th August
12th October
10th November
10th December

The Moon is far more than a heavenly body. For many who practice witchcraft, she is the embodiment of the Goddess; she is Maiden, Mother and Crone.

You can read the rest of the article here> http://www.rachelkeene.co.uk/moon.html
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