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Post  TOvA~ on Tue Feb 08, 2011 11:18 am

I truly had the most unusual dream. I am not sure if it was a past life, or an alternated reality I visited, but it was crystal clear, in color & it rolled out like a scene from a movie.

The setting was California. But not as we know her today, per se.
St Jack and I had driven there for Rachels wedding in a burnt orange VW Carmagia. (oh... trippy)
We were staying in a weird bunker/camp ground kinda place when we were not attending the festivities.
I am not sure what sparked the following, but St J was captured by a group of Mexicans who lived next door to where we were staying. They were going to rape him. An event that seemed to be a ritual of sorts as the boys & men of all ages of this tribe, were invited to participate or watch.
I was able to break free unharmed, as they were not interested in me. It gave me the opportunity to look for help, which I found in one of their neighbors who was a huge white guys with a bat. He took them on like he had done it many times. We found St J naked, on his knees with his hands behind his back. They were greasing him up. Jack was broken and terrified like you would not believe. Flash forward, and I am getting our stuff to leave, as we were due to be at a BDay party for Rachel. We had been unable to shop for her because of this so I was grabbing stuff out of our VW Bus under the protective eye of someone else.
This is where the dream jumps around. The bunker now has bunks and the Military guys had left for the day, so I was not able to tell them what has happened. When I was getting the objects for Rachel, the person watching me suggested I go look in the ditch behind our vehicles. There was some sort of ritual site there, with all kinds of Kachinas and very old indian/mexican statues marking off the sacred space. I took several of the more modern, buddist ones that we made out of opalite and flanked on end of the squared off area. Then all of a sudden, the women of the men who were going to rape St Jack were there.
And the leader of the girls... a GODDESS in 1970's style business attire, was admonishing them and what they should do to their husbands to teach them this behavior needed to stop. When she turned and faced me... I knew she was my soul mate.
I went to find Jack... and by this time, he was seated at a bar with a bunch of white men who appeared to be high ranking military in civilian attire. They were getting him hammered. They had lawyers there and everything and they had filled my broken Saint with anger & thoughts of legal revenge.
I was horrified, as I wanted to "fill" him with love & forgiveness as I was able to come to that place with the men in another snippet of the dream.
I cried and shamed them and even though there was a language barrier, they knew what I was saying at a soul level. It took some time, but we worked it out. At one point, the littlest boy came and asked me who America belongs to. All the other men were in the background waiting for my answer. I knew they were talking about California etc being theirs originally.
I bent down and with tears in my eyes I told him.... It belongs to US. It belongs to US (not u.s) All of a sudden, it was like there was a huge healing & forgiveness.... hence why I was so bummed to find St J with the white elites getting filled with anger.
I wanted him to leave with me...told him we needed to go that it was very late and we need to talk to her and let her know what had happened.


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