Christians: I would like to Encourage you in Christ

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Christians: I would like to Encourage you in Christ Empty Christians: I would like to Encourage you in Christ

Post  TOvA~ on Thu Jan 13, 2011 11:24 am

This one goes out to my Christian friends

I also used to think 'evil' was on the rise.
Until I realized, it has always been with us and there is "nothing new under the sun"!

Men of malice have been able to control things for eons, largely because they were able to keep us the dark.
It used to be that only the elite could be taught to read, or travel to
distant places. Heck, in days of old, the common man was not even
allowed to read the Bible even if he could.
Furthermore... It wasn't THAT long ago, that news & information traveled by mouth or horseback!

These days, we can reach out and connect with our brothers and sisters of Light across the globe; in a snap.
The Light of Christ has been able to flow more quickly & more freely, since the advent of the technological age.
Deeds previously done in the shadows, have been vetted & shouted from the rooftops in an instant, compared to times past.
One need only turn on the TV, to see people getting caught left and right for wrong-doing.
We have erroneously believed 'evil' is on the rise... when actually, it is the reporting of such that is.

I think it is a glorious time to be alive.... because truly, darkness is running out of places to hide!
And the 'light of the world' has taken to the skies!!

I am of the belief, that the kingdom of God is 'WITHIN',
and that the 'Spirit of Christ' never left....
So it is no surprise to me, that the sun is leaking out behind the shadows!

It has been over 2,000 years since our Sage or Savior Christ walked the earth.
There has been PLENTY of time to saturate the planet with His message of Love.
The 'dividends' of spreading Christ's light into every corner of the globe, are finally paying off; TODAY.

The long awaited "RETURN" is here!!
Right HERE...Right NOW~

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