Got Faith? Put it in Writing~

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Got Faith? Put it in Writing~

Post  TOvA~ on Thu Jan 13, 2011 11:09 am

The following are my Articles of Belief. They are not written in rock, because new data requires new decisions. I am a work in progress & I invite you to contribute to this great work!

I believe each and every one of us, including plants & animals, are 'gifted' with the ultimate divine force or energetic essence.

I believe it is this "essence" that animates us all into living, breathing creations. Many refer to this "force" as a male (or even a female) entity and use titles such as God or Goddess when speaking about it.

I believe the energy gifted to us is "neutral", in that it may be used for any intention or will. In fact, this is how I define free will: "Free energy to use as you Will"... as it harm none, of course.

I believe to label anything strictly 'good' or 'evil', is a gross over-simplification of the intricacies that are inherent in the human condition. I do not believe in condemning the choices of others. Everyone has every right to use the application of Divine energy at their discretion. As it harm none....of course.

I believe that the ~Law of Love~ is written on the hearts of mankind, but understand also that in extreme cases, biological anomalies, brainwashing & abuse, can taint or pervert this law. I believe there is no such thing as 'separation' from our creator, only ignorance to the relationship. I categorically reject any & all philosophy's that would state otherwise.

I believe ~As above, So below~ That ancient statement is now verified by known science, from the micro to the macro and serves as a foundation for my life.

I believe that we are energetic creatures that actually vibrate. Simply put, we attract that which is on our own 'wavelength'.

I believe in the power of intention and that we can literally manifest not only our own destinies, but our collective destinies as well. We are divine co-creators and the world around us, is a collective reflection of our united consciousness. As within, So Without.

I believe the purpose of our Earth based lives is to break free from karma, the cycle of reincarnation, astrological wheels, or any other manner of being, that keeps us from 'graduating' from this one planetary or dimensional experience within eternity.

I believe and science supports, that energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed, therefore I do not believe in the grave as a final destination for our souls.

I believe Heaven & Hell reside within and by mastering our lower/hellish nature, we will create a heavenly environment in and around us.

I believe in the ~Law of One~ which at the core, unites all creatures in creation into a single energetic entity, with limitless and eternal expression.
I understand this Law to be all inclusive and that NO ONE is left out of it's design.

I believe it is through our unique individual perceptions, that divinity has an experience of itself.

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