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Post  DR on Sun Jan 16, 2011 7:07 am

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Post  DR on Sun Jan 16, 2011 7:08 am

“You 20C peeps are allegedly Intel, but you seem unable to speak plain Glish.”

Andian shook his head slightly, disappointed that these prims did not readily understand him.

A small man, a little too excited for Andian’s taste, shook his finger wildly in Andian’s face.

“Look here spaceman” he shouted, his face turning a bright red. “You had better tell me who you work for, and what you are up to!”

The little man backed off again disappearing in to the darkness. The bright light shining into Andian’s face prevented him from seeing anything much beyond that light. He could hear whispers in that darkness, but he had no clue as to how many were in the room.

Andian closed his eyes and focused his mind on the sounds, and smells of the room. Within a few moments he had identified the number of people, their location, and their gender.

The sensory amps worked perfectly, he could detect the coffee, and the doughnuts in the far corner of the room. Suddenly, in his mind he had a full and complete picture of the room, and everything in it. It was as though the darkness beyond the bight light was not there anymore. Andian could see everything in great detail now in spite of the darkness, not by light, but by sonar, and smell vision. By the air pressures flowing through out the room undetectable by the normal senses. He could even taste the pastries next to the coffee.

Andian had created the upgrade for the pleasure it provided, but now it seemed that it may be useful for getting the hell away from these crazoes.

“On the other hand.” he thought “I would not be here if I didn’t make the upgrade in the first place.”

Turns out that the nanoamps that enhance the senses, also amplify the thoughts as well, and those thoughts exponentially magnified causing time and space to twist and fold. Andian got caught up in a fold while watching a 20C vid. The movie aided in the visualization process that caused the nanoamps to bridge the time space gap between centuries and deposited him right into the middle of a secure area in the Nevada desert.

Dr. Goodman was a small man but brilliant. Ahead of his time. He was livid at the barley intelligible, strangely dressed man handcuffed to the chair. Pacing back and forth; his bow tie hung crooked around his sweat soaked shirt, lost in thought. One could almost see his mind at work by the tiny expressions that flittered across his aging face.

Suddenly his face lit up as though he had just remembered something stored deep in his productive brain. He whispered into the ear of a taller, stout, late middle aged man standing beside him.

The man shook his head in agreement as the Dr. spoke into his ear with a barley audible sound. Little did they know the Andian heard them as if they were standing right next to him speaking normally.

The man swiftly left when the Dr. was finished, giving Andian a hard stare as he left the room. Andian jumped, startled by the slamming door. The General smiled as he walked briskly down the long corridor. He loved messing with the minds of his captives. The Dr. smiled too, knowing the tactic.

They were not bad men, they were both patriots and this was the root of their suspicions, and just a little hint of fear. If they had known more, their fear would have been their primary concern. Not that Andian was a real threat, he too was a good man at heart. But the technology that Andian was wearing, and implanted into to his perfect body was 500 years more advanced than the vacuum tube electronics the two interrogators were familiar with. The electronics they were familiar with was only seventy years old. It was, however on the verge of a great transformation in a few years.

To Andian it was completely archaic. He was farther from them than they were from the Paleolithic man. Andian sitting quietly in his metal folding chair was thinking about what was said in confidence; or so they thought, between the two men.

“Groom Lake.” he pondered, “What are they going to trans me to a lake for?”

A tinge of fear transposed his expression just for a moment, but Dr. Goodman saw it, and thought it was about the door slamming.

“The scare tactics are finally working.” he thought. “This guy is a hard nut to crack.”

People didn’t behave this way in the 25th” Andian was thinking. If fact people in the 25th century were dulled, lulled, and nulled, just like him. Their technology was so sophisticated that people didn’t need to do anything since the whole world was run by the Omni Mind. They were all plugged bugged, and drugged. For them every whim was available on demand. No one lacked anything their hearts desired.

Andian was well out of his element and had not yet fully understood what had happened entirely. Like Dr. Goodman Andian was a raving genius himself having invented the upgrade and many other gadachery. This fact was unusual for one in his time. The Omni Mind was only A.I. and was not inventive, or imaginative. It still took a human to make progress.

Not that people were out of it in the 25th there was just simply no need to do anything you didn’t want to do. Many pursued careers for the joy of it. Andian had a fertile imagination, and a brilliant knack for coming to the right conclusions, and the nanoamps magnified that trait in him.

More than this Andian was a special covert operative for the Global Defense League. His training was beyond the imagination of the interrogators. But he would play this situation out to see what happens. “Who knows” he thought “This could be some mind trick of the Venusians.”

The door opened suddenly and five men walked in. The General motioned towards Andian and the other four men snapped too and surrounded him. One man bent over and unlocked the hand cuffs then two men grabbed Andian under his arms and pulled him into a standing position. The man standing in front of him took his wrists and drew them up and fitted a different set of cuffs on him. They guided him out the door and down the corridor with the General, and the Dr. bringing up the rear.

“I tell you doctor he’s a Russki.”

The General said.

“Don’t be ridiculous man, just look at him!” The doctor retorted. “Purple hair, strange clothing; clothing you can’t remove I remind you, and besides, what kind of spy would be so obviously different, and so ostentatiously groomed?”

he continued.

“Well I’ll give you that.” the General replied. “He is rather outlandish so to speak.”

The party came to another door. To the side there was a guard station. Behind the desk was a young Sargent. He stood up with a snap when he saw the Captain approached and saluted sharply.

“Let us out Sargent!”

The Captain said.

“Yes Sir”

The young Sargent quickly went over to the large steel door and unlocked it with a huge key the length of a dinner fork and twice as wide. The lock operated smoothly and almost silently; except for Andian who was able to perceive the complex mechanism as though he had x-ray vision.

He didn’t have x-ray vision but he could detect every minute sensory input in his environment. Simply by the movement of a thing the QABs, Quantum Atto Bots in his body would detect that movement at the sub atomic level through Quantum Entanglement and he could see the pattern and understand every detail of the thing.

More importantly he could direct the QAB’s to upgrade his systems on the fly thus being able to adapt to most situations if he had the time to figure it out. But he was good at it, and fast, it rarely took him more than an hour or two to design any app he wished. He had many apps already installed that he could use to his advantage.

The prisoner and his unwelcome entourage arrived at a vehicle; at least he thought it was a vehicle. Andian had never seen a trans that had wheels before, not even in an imager.

He was lifted up and put in the back of a truck. two guards flanked him on either side, and the other two guards and the Captain sat across from him eying him warily.

The back of the truck was covered with canvas and the seats were nothing more than benches attached with bolts to the bed. It was noisy and dusty as they drove off into the night.

Andian sat quietly designing an app in his mind. Once he was done he would be able to access history through his QABs and store it in the newly created Histoamps for a clear and accurate vision of history for the past 600 years. That is if he had the time.

They drove over the lonely desert road. The truck was swallowed up in the thick darkness. The stars shined with a detail and brightness that Andian had never seen from Earth. He wished he could see more than the small view offered by the open back of the canvass, and the dust thrown into the air by the passing truck.

Andian’s mind wandered as he watched the dark desert road behind them disappear into the darkness. “Candy must be worried sick not hearing from me.” he thought. She was accustomed to hearing cryptic messages from him every couple days. “How long have I been here?” he wondered. He still was not clear on the situation he was in entirely. He had sent several mental messages to her but they always returned to him undelivered. There was no reason he could detect why his messages wouldn’t get through. His range was unlimited within the Solar System. So what ever planet or moon he might be on should have easily gone through to her Audioplant.

Andian broke the silence.

“You guys are Holoids aren’t you?”

They all looked at him with confusion on their faces. All they heard was “Yugoys hoyloys artu.”

The centuries separating the men had seen many changes in the language. The Airmen had as much trouble understanding him as they would understanding Old English. It was almost totally intelligible to them.

Something did not feel right to Andian. This Sim was so different than he had ever experienced, it was so real. Could he have really traveled through time? The idea of time travel had been long abandoned as being impossible, at least the going back in time. Going forward was simply a matter of velocity, but going back was deemed impossible. This did not feel like an historical simulation, it was too detailed.

Andian could no longer “Feel” Candy through the Intuitive Interface which was a direct connection they shared. Yet there was no interference being transmitted that should have prevented it. In fact there was no interference or signals anywhere. There were radio, and microwave transmissions but nothing that would interfere with his Quantum connections.

“ You guys are Venusians right?”

The guards had the same lack of understanding expressions on their faces as before. But the Captain thought he heard ‘Venusians’ amongst the gibberish.

The QABs were almost done with their task building the atto infrastructure to his neurons. Soon he would be able to tell if this was real history, or a really good Sim. Not history by wrote, but a true and accurate history by Quantum Memory. The Universe Remembers everything and it was just a matter of plugging in.

Andian’s technology was all microscopic in size. Some so small they are undetectable by 1959 technology. There are a couple of centuries to come before anyone would be able to manipulate the “atto” realm.

His largest Microsystems were comprised of Nano Mecs of several variety including Nanomeds, Nanobots, and Nanosens. Nanomeds keep his body in perfect working order at all times. They repair all damage to his body except for the most extreme injuries. Like the time he lost his right arm in a combat situation.

Nanobots construct any device needed at the time, in fact they can build anything one atom at a time. From Soup to Titanium nuts. They can take any thing and break it down into it’s individual atoms then reconstruct those atoms into anything else.

Nanosens are sensors nanometers or one billionth of a meter in size. They are dispersed throughout the environment and return sensory information to their host.

These tiny devices are very, very small, yet they are giants amongst the microtech of Andian’s time.

The Quantum devices were at the atto level one quintillionth of a meter. They are able to manipulate matter at the subatomic level handling electrons and quarks with ease.

The sky had taken on a dark blue hue and the stars were slowly fading as the sun approached the eastern horizon. They had been on the road for almost two hours when they made a right hand turn and started up over the mountains.

Suddenly Andian became aware of the real date. July 4 1959. It was confirmed this is not a Sim he had actually time bumped to more than 500 years into the past. He knew he was in a truck powered by a thing called gasoline; he never heard of it.

He knew in was in the Nevada desert in a place called Jackass Flats on a quasi-military facility known as the Test Site. “No wonder they’re so freaked.” he thought “Considering the time and place of his unexpected arrival.

Now that he saw the historical context in which he had arrived he understood the men’s behavior and why they could not understand him, nor he they.

At least that was true a minute ago. He understood a good bit of their version of English, but not the most of it. But now he was fluent, both in understanding, and in the speaking of it.

The vision, clarity, and comprehension of his environment was now fine tuned. He understood the technology, the science, and the political psyche of the time almost as though he were born too it. He was now a 20th century man with a 25th century knowledge base. He could escape, survive and blend in at any time, but now was not the time.

As the Sun slowly climbed in its appointed path Andian’s thoughts returned to Candy. They had been together for over 50 years. Neither of them looked a day over 30. It was likely that he and Candy would live long beyond the normal lifespan of 130 due to the Nanomeds he designed. They may well live beyond 200 barring any lethal accidents, or intentions like this blasted war.

The Venusians claimed independence 200 years before Andian was born. It took 100 years to terraform it. But that process won’t begin for another 150 years yet.

The war started over the mineral rights of Mercury which was rich in heavy metals. The heaviest planet per volume in the Solar System Mercury was an atom collectors dream. The heavier the element the more dense the matter was stored. The more dense, the less space it required to store.

For instance a 16 inch cube of sea water weighs about 100 pounds, but the same cube in gold weighs in at 2000 pounds. Plutonium will weigh upwards of 3000 pounds in the same volume.

This is why the planet Mercury is so valuable to societies that do not depend on a monetary system. In Andian’s world density is valuable not the stuff itself. The only value Gold has is its compactness.

The dream was to be able to harness the density of a Neutron Star but a square inch of that material would weigh three times the weight of the Earth itself, and have the gravity of Jupiter.

No one has solved the Gravity problem yet. Even in Andian’s time Gravity was still a mystery. “I hope Candy is not going to go cover the war from Venus as she had mentioned before the little time slip up.” Andian was worried about her. She would rush into danger without giving it any thought sometimes.

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Post  DR on Mon Jan 17, 2011 7:58 am

This Section was written by Victorya

Candalyn found herself mocking her assistant like a 4 year old. She simply was not in the mood to endure anything more than her first cup of coffee.
She had poured herself into her job to numb the pain of losing Andian, yet again, to some 'out of this world' top secret mission that came with no explanations.

In the three years they had been together, Andian had been MIA for the better part of that time. For any other women, the separations would have taken it a toll, but Candalyn was perfectly suited for such a relationship.

An only child, Candy was accustomed to solace and actually craved it. Her job as an investigative reporter for the Galactic Gazette was an extremely demanding one.... so even if Andian had a 'normal' job, the separations would still exist.

Her 'stories', as she was found of saying, took her all over Earth, Venus and once in awhile, to that barren wasteland of a planet Mars. Her schedule was brutal in of itself, but the long distance travel in 'cold storage' certainly took a tole as well. Her hope was to work a few more years and then settle into a beach house off the coast of Africa to write.

Children were not on her agenda, something she and Andian happily agreed upon. With the inter-planetary war between Earth & Venus going on... it just wasn't a good time to raise babies, even if they held jobs that were more suited to a traditional family lifestyle.

People were living well into their 130s now with technology so advanced, she could change her mind at anytime if need be. Biological clocks were a thing of the past since DNA-splice cloning went mainstream.

She had just poured her second cup of java, when her internal alarm went off like a shot triggered from behind. She jumped so violently, she spilled her coffee all over her desk. Her assistant flew into her office, sponge in hand and a terrible concern on her face. "Candalyn! What's the matter"?
And then without the slightest of sounds, Candy dropped to her knees......

Candalyn's assistant helped her back on her feet.
"What Now"? What's going On"?
"I don't know Lacy, but it isn't good. It's Andian, somethings wrong"
"Where is he this time"?
"You know I never know until he gets back, she snapped, if ever! ...the damn GDL is so freaking secretive... I am not sure even they know what they are up to! The last time this happened Andian came home with a new arm....God I hate Interactive Intuition!!!!
I am done for the day Lacy... forward my calls to Auto Tron for me please and I will see you tomorrow at the air station. Don't be late like last time.
And download the maps into the Vastigator before I get there. Gotta give the vehicle time to plan our trip"
But Candy didn't hear her over the sound of her inner ear....

Candy arrived at the air station a little early. It really wasn't an air station anymore, the technology for metallic flight had been replaced by organic pods call Vastigators, named solely for the vast area that they could cover in a relatively short amount of time.

Being organic in nature, Vastigators are actually 'alive'. Andian always referred to them as 'highly intelligent goo', because their overall structure was akin to a womb, or a marsupial's pouch.
The first time in flight with a Vastigator is a shock to most. They are quite sticky to ride in and the smell is very metallic, like blood, kind of sickening & sweet at the same time. The interesting thing about traveling with a Vastigator is their ability to jump through wormholes to various otherworldly locations.

When digital camera technology came around in the late 20th century, Vasigator 'orbs' were routinely photographed but dismissed as dust on the lens. It wasn't until the mid 21st century that they were discovered to have intelligence, much less the ability to transport humans when they are fully matured.

Candy loved to fly Vast. It is an incredibly soothing process. The confines are warm & moist and you can hear the pulse vibrations of the Vast systems hum, ever so slightly.... much like being back in your mother's belly.

Because the flight to Venus would take twelve long days, Candy elected to 'suspend'.
'Suspension' is a lot like an induced coma, save for the fact you could access any memories you wanted and fall into a lucid state dreaming reality.

Candace choose to tap the memories surrounding Andian for this trip.
While she was excited to go to the front lines to report on the Venus/Mercury conflict, it was overshadowed by a haunting notion that something was seriously wrong with Andian. The I.I was down, yet a women did not have to rely on the audioplant to receive messages. Something indeed was off...and she would not rest easy until she heard from him directly.

Lacy showed up a few moments later with coffee and the camera.
"Are you going to stay conscious this trip, or suspend"?
Suspension and you?
"I am staying 'up'. I haven't had time to tell you, but I have met a gal and I pretty much do not want to be disconnected from her. BTW... Our Vastigator planned the trip to have only one stop on the moon before going on to Venus, I guess some hot shot diplomat from The Europa Coalition will be joining us from there.
Have you heard from Andian"
"No and I am kinda beside myself Lacy.... all the tech in the omni-verse at our fingertips and it freaking decides to get glitchy at the most inopportune time possible! I am suspending with Andian, at least I can 'see' him for awhile, I miss him so much", her voice fell.
"Ahhh Candy, I just know it will be alright.. It is probably just that hurricane on the Sun last week...I am sure it will be up and running when we hit the ground in Vox"
"Yeah, you are probably right. I mean, I hope you are right"
"You pay me to be right! Now go buckle up, I will tell Vast we are ready to roll"

Candalyn disrobed and slipped into her cell and was quickly suspended by her travel attendant back to when Andian and she 1st met.
They had grown up together, but had not become a couple until 3 years ago, when they reconnected at a State dinner for the Regional of Africa where she was on holiday with her parents. Regional Aungua was a long time friend of the families and whenever they were in the area, they stopped by for dinner. This particular time, it was RA's youngest daughter's 'coming out' party, a lavish 4 day event that was truly something to behold...
Even as she fell into the rhythmic trance of the Vastigators vibrating warmth, she could see her 7 yr old, toe-headed Andy skipping up their cobblestone to check out the new neighbors...

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