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Post  TOvA~ on Wed Aug 17, 2011 10:12 pm

Reiki is in the bible and Christ and the Apostles used the same
attunement process of the breath and laying on hands. Reiki is also
scientifically proven and that is why it is used in hospitals and

Reiki is a pathway to enlightenment. However, the pure light energy will
trigger any darkness that you may hold inside. Hence, why healing the
self is imperative.

The bible also tells the people that there is many heavens and there
certainly are many to travel through before seeing the face of God.

Christ does walk with Reiki teachers and healers of many different
modalities. The bible tells you that the healers are his brothers and
sisters because they are helping others to become holy.

Christ was also a shaman and most amazing shaman.

When I listened to the woman on the video, I heard a lot of 'belief'
that she had obviously bought into, and Rev 17 and 18 does talk about
the demonic spirits in the USA.

Are there different energies? Yes. Can a person attract a low level
energy if they are vibrating at a low energy themselves? Yes. Hence, why
healing the self is imperative to raise your vibration where no
negative energy can reach you.

So how do we do that? We help others to heal their fears with love so
that they can become dauntless. Are there less good Reiki teachers? Yes,
just like there are less good doctors. Make sure you pick a good one
with years of good spiritual experience.

"Healing is the path to salvation and love is the way" from Sacred Words

Reiki is a love energy and path to enlightenment. I did not hear the
woman mention the word love once in the video. The more love you become,
the more love you experience.

She also said that the soul was the gatekeeper. No, the soul is not the gatekeeper of your soul.

If this woman was having negative experiences due to level of
consciousness of her own being, then her teacher should have informed
her to ask for her gatekeeper to be changed.

Fortunately, Reiki healers that have never been involved in orthodox
Christianity, don't attract the kind of experiences that this woman
speaks of.

Orthodox Christianity in the USA is certainly something to warn people
about. Due to belief system and due to experiences this woman clearly
had some soul fragmentation to do with her childhood and lesbian
relationship, that she was clearly struggling with.

However, I will prove that Christ was a shamanic healer based upon scripture.

Ultimately, the orthodox Christians cannot argue with science that backs
up the true Christ teachings and science supports Reiki. In addition to
the medical profession. Reiki is used many hospitals and hospices.

Can Reiki co-create miracles? Yes, with the will of the LORD God,
through pure and holy vessels he works his miracles as a testimony to

With Reiki you have the power of the universe in your hands. This woman
did not state what level she had trained too. Level one is a gift to the
self. Clearly, she was not a Master of the Reiki Art, for if she was,
she would have been accurate when speaking about the symbols and where
they are place. However, there are also many Reiki Master Teachers that
also work without symbols and there are many healing modalities to
choose from.

The symbols are basically Japanese words. So it is like saying
'Harmony', 'Happiness' when they are given. If the woman really knew her
stuff then she would have known that.

Sometimes you are also giving your own Reiki symbol directly by the divine.

There are many heavens and it takes strong souls to be able to move
through them. However, the innocence and purity of children have no
adverse experiences with the life force energy of love because they are
pure love.

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