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Meditating Krishna Style~ Empty Meditating Krishna Style~

Post  TOvA~ on Thu Jan 13, 2011 5:44 pm

Found this at GLP. Click link to follow the thread...

Ok Now.
there are 13 different alien genomes here on this planet currently.
The Blue Skinned Andromedans are responsible for the Indian Genome.

Krishna was from Andromeda Galaxy-

By the way he never died- he just sat down under a peepal tree and disappeared.

I love Krishna because he taught us in the Bhagwata-Gita (the oldest
text in today's world dated somewhere around 3000BC) how to raise our
frequency. In krishna's own word he say's
"One must find a silent good place to sit.
Put a mat over it, Break the shakles of the five senses,
and focus between the two eyebrows."
He says people who do this Meditation (Dhyan-Yoga), are very dear to him.

How to meditate-
First of all it is utmost important to realise that we live in a five
sense world- these senses make up the entire bandwidth of frequencies
which we can experience. Our ZPEM's use this knowledge gained from this
earth experience to raise its energy level so that it can project a
quantum hologram of itself in higher dimenstions.

Keys to meditation-

Release the thought of breathing-
Well your subconscious takes over your breathing activity from your
conscious mind with in a period of 15-25 minutes of meditation if you
are a biggener.
you will realise this fact when sleeping every night.
However with practice in meditation giving away the breathing task to the subconscious will happen within 5 minutes.

Now slowly take away all further experiences from the subconscious.
Start with Taste
slowly now
give away smell
now graduate to giving away the experiences of sound
further the sense of touch(give away your skin sensory experiences)
give away visions and visualisations(this one is very tough because here
you have to even give up the visions of not just your eye's but also
your Mind(third eye as it is wrongly called),
even when your eyes are closed your pineal visualisations are not closed
and you can continue to visualise light or what ever you choose to
this visualisation should be minimalised with practice)

Congratulations! If you have managed to reach this state
This is called true Samadhi- you have successfully shut down your conscious mind,
Now your conscious doesn't have to worry about breathing also,
it is now and only now that your ZPEM is eligible to reward your
conscious mind with and out of body experience. In the Samadhi state you
can experience the paranormal.

Why are we created-

Type zero civilisations are created by Type IV civilizations(who reside
in and around black holes in our universe) all over the cosmos.
Because A ZPEM(soul) needs to gains enough energy level to survive in the chilled universe.
What is the chilled universe?
Ours is just one universe, there is a network of parallel universes corresponding with our universe.
Further there is a network of multiverses.
this whole network of multiverse exists in 1 hyperspace.
Hyperspace is where ZPEMs exist in 5d to 10d.
Beyond the Hyper spaces exists the chilled universe.
A soul has to cross 10d level of consciousness and energy to survive in the Chilled Universe.
It is called Chilled Universe because the temperature there forever is
absolute zero i.e.-273 degree centigrade and it is free from quantum
fluxing. A ZPEM needs to exist in a state of supreme stability
to avoid quantum disturbances in that environment and hence only highly
evolved ZPEM's survive there. Only such souls are called indestructable

Now why this race towards Chilled Universe?
Bear in Mind that ZPEM's are essentially Zero point energy harnessing modules and they are not "INDUSTRUCTIBLE".
Yes, ZPEM also die or dissolve(for lack of a better term)?
When does this Happen?
When two Hyperspaces collide(i.e try to occupy the same spatial structure in the same time dimenstions in the Chilled universe.)

Hence the race towards becoming truly indestructable.

Finally, Our current State
The Earth is going to go in 5d as a process of its evolution.
But majority of human race's ZPEM's are vibrating at a 4d frequency.
Hence most of them will not survive in the 5d.
Now Gaia has to make the transition but it can only do so if its children vibrate at higher frequency.
The elevation of respective ZPEM's frequency is not the problem, but the
unwillingness to give up control shown by the RoguE Free Mason's(guys
like Rockefeller, Rothschild) which went on to create the Nazi's and The
Maji's is. Free Masons like Ron Paul were forever against these rogues.
In fact there are pretty good folks in free masonry doing lot of good
work on this planet currently.

Options before us-
Raise our frequency or die(to reincarnate again in 4d or 5d for some)
so that Gaia can make the transition.

1. ET's intervene without infringing our free will.
2. We raise it ourselves by spreading this info very fast.
3. Gaias does it for us which will involve earthquakes, tsunamis and
volcanic eruptions etc which is again a possibility we really shouldn't
be scared about, It is not the end after all folks.

By the way i laugh when some people say the FED doesn't have enough
Gold to back it Dollor.
We already have the technology to make gold one of the ingredients it infinite Zero point energy.
Hint: It process supports life on this planet.

All our god were very spiritual people who intended to teach a way of
living to humanity that would help them raise their ZPEM's vibrating
frequency. Also all religions were created by free Masonry so that they
could complete their rule term on this planet.
So now that their rule is about to get over, their judgement day is coming nearer.

That's all Folks!

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